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REVIEW: 3 Music Awards – The Great, The good, and the okay.

It has been almost 2 days and we are still celebrating the production of the fourth edition of the 3 Music Awards held on 27th March 2021.

This only proves that we as Ghanaians have been yearning for quality productions when it comes to events.

Organized by 3 Media Networks lead by Baba Sadiq, the award scheme went all out and delivered a near-perfect experience for viewers to watch.


3 Music Awards – The Great, The good, and the okay. museafrica
Sadiq Abdulai Abu – CEO 3 Media Networks || Credit: 3 Music Awards

I was privileged to watch some of the performances shot a day before the main event and also experience the main night on Television from the comfort of my home.

 The stage design was beautiful, the first thing I said when I saw the stage was ‘Wow, Lights Nkuwaa’. I was highly impressed.

The night started with the drip carpet hosted by Akrobeto, Lekzy, and OB Amponsah. Akrobeto was a perfect choice because he appealed to my big ‘mum’ who is in her 70s to sit and watch a ‘drip’ carpet. I’m just wondering her fellow age mates who did the same.

The night began with a bang as we saw the first of all the amazing performances that happened at the awards.

Opening the night was Medikal with his single La Hustle featuring Criss Waddle and Joey B. To me, that was the best statement, the organizers could have made to start off the night.

We also saw equally captivating performances from Gyakie, Kidi, Mr. Drew, Jah Lead, Diana Hamilton, and more.

The highlight of the show were the performances and the way some were shot. Led by David Nicole-Sey, the creative direction of some of the performances blew me and my fellow Ghanaians away.

In-fact unlike other award shows, the talk is on the performances rather than the winners and losers.

That shows how well those scenes were captured but still there were some technical difficulties, I will want to highlight to the organizers

The BUT!

However, my issue with some of the performances was the lack of continuity. The performances felt like a music video rather than a performance, as scene switches made it feel weird.

Yes, I enjoyed the performances but with viewers thinking it was a live program, they should have tried their best to have a smooth transition into scenes to make it feel like a live performance.

Also, what was it with the ‘nominees are’ and nothing played?? That took some shine away from the show, and I felt the others just needs to announce winners rather than drag the show with silence.

When the nominees also played, it was dry, and just the announcers voice wasn’t enough, we needed music under it.

I understand there was no live audience but just crew but why the silence anytime the winners were announced?? They could have added crowd effects or claps to compliment the beauty of the program.

Watching on TV the design of the title crawler was a no, as it was very out of place.

Finally, time – I had the whole family sitting by the TV by 8 pm, by the time the show began airing after 10, everyone except me was asleep.

However, it was a good night and even with the downs of the show, I will rate the show a strong 90 over 100, can’t wait to witness the fifth edition, and hopefully, it won’t be virtual but with a live audience.

Long live 3 Music Awards!

Opinion was written by Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafoh – Music Services Manager at Muse Media Networks

writer: Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafoh

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