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Ghana doesn’t have an organized music industry – Grammy nominated Rocky Dawuni

Grammy nominated Ghanaian artist, Rocky Dawuni says the Ghanaian music industry is not organized.

He was speaking on the inability of Ghanaian artists to breakthrough on the international music scene, and lack of Grammy wins.

Nigerian artists, Wizkid and Burna Boy winning awards at the 2021 Grammy Awards brought up the annual ritual of Ghanaian artists being criticised by stakeholders in the Ghanaian music industry for not getting nominations.

“The thing about our industry is that there’s never been what we call an organized industry, I wouldn’t say there hasn’t been an industry because then I would be mistaken, but an organized industry,” asserted Dawuni to Crystal Kwame-Aryee on Simply Showbiz on TV3.

Rocky Dawuni

“Organized industry where we have the right institutions like powerful management companies, powerful record labels, a system that gives transparency to music that is been played on radio, on TV and all of that, a collection system that many artistes can be able to know that: okay this is how much their music is playing and they can be able to say: okay let me check how my music is doing, like a centralized system that funnels music collection, publishing, royalties and all of that.”

Dawuni scored a nomination at the 2016 edition of the Grammy awards.

His album ‘Branches of the Same Tree’ album nabbed a ‘Best Reggae Album’ nomination.

“And even in my situation, and I don’t like to say my situation, it looks like I’m saying it to self-serve but in my struggle, there was some support but there was never the overwhelming support that was needed till I was nominated, then when I was nominated, there was some support but it could have been bigger,” shared Dawuni.

“it was an opportunity for us to take advantage, of finally since independence our music breaking that threshold of recording academy recognition and knowing that this is an opportunity for all of Ghanaian industry to jump on this and then utilize this opportunity to now push our music in a way that we become a movement and go there.”

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