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Apple Music launches Spirit Rejoice campaign to celebrate the best in African Gospel music

Apple Music has launched a campaign to celebrate the best in African Gospel music.

Dubbed ‘Spirits Rejoice,’ the music selections seeks to “inspire, uplift and encourage with a whole host of local and international artists,” according to a company statement.

The playlists will feature songs from Joyous Celebration, Ntokozo Mbambo, Dr. Tumi, Sinach, Mercy Chinwo, Nathaniel Bassey, Tim Godfrey, Ada Ehi. Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin and Donald Lawrence.

As one of the top-streaming genres on the African continent, Gospel music is characterised by emotion, choral voices and soulful sound that conveys a range of emotions that move the listener with every note.

Gospel music has its roots firmly in Africa with its call-and-response style originating from numerous African tribes. 

Black gospel, Southern gospel, country gospel music, Bluegrass gospel, Celtic gospel and British black gospel have each developed their own style and characteristics over the years anchored in celebration. On the other side of the world, African Gospel has become one of the most popular genres on the continent over the last few decades, specifically in South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria. 

African gospel is uplifting, rhythmic, and spiritual with lyrics that reflect diverse world views, theologies, cultures and experiences of Africans from all backgrounds. This is highlighted by the exclusive artist playlists created for Spirits Rejoice.

Join Apple Music and celebrate this Easter season alongside Africa’s most inspiring gospel artists. http://apple.co/SpiritsRejoiceRoom

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