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Dance to the language of love with Benny Afroe’s new single ‘Yohh’

Young, fresh, musically trained artist, Benny Afroe, invites you to dance to the language of love with his new single titled Yohh.

Yohh talks about the kind of love that cannot be explained in words. It’s an expression of how that kind of feeling can leave one speechless.

“I enjoy seeing people fall in love with each other. It’s the most beautiful thing to see,” shares Benny Afroe. “I’ve seen so many people around me get into new relationships during this lockdown. It just reminded me how beautiful love can be. I just had to write a song about it,” he adds.

Dance to the language of love and stream or download Benny Afroe’s Yohh today – https://lnk.to/bennyafroeyohh

Putting Limpopo and South Africa on the map, Benny Afroe’s music consistently crosses global borders and Yohh is pegged to be no different. “It’s personally one of my favourite songs right now. I just love how it came out. I still can’t believe it’s my song,” exclaims Benny Afroe.

Having received international recognition by being hand-selected by the South by Southwest Conference and Festivals (SXSW), Benny Afroe is set to release his debut EP this year and make his international mark.

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