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Photo: Blitz The Ambassador receives Grammy nomination medallion

Ghanaian artist, Blitz The Ambassador has received a medallion from organisers of the Grammy Awards ahead of this year’s event.

The medallion is a recognition of his work as a co-director of Beyonce’s visual album Black Is King.

The project is up for a ‘Best Music Film’ award at the 2021 edition of the Grammy awards. It will be held on March 14.

Early this year, we reported that Blitz had sold his first novel.

Titled ‘The Scent of Burnt Flowers,’ the book is set for publication in 2022. The novel is steeped in the history of Ghana, specifically the 1966 coup of then-president, Kwame Nkrumah,

The novel follows an African American couple, who are on the run after one commits a murder in self-defense in the Deep South of the United States. Unaware a coup is underway in Ghana, the couple’s plan for safety is to flee the United States and reunite with their old friend Nkrumah who they believe will grant them asylum.

He also wrote and directed the award-winning feature film The Burial of Kojo.

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