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Victoria Kimani talks about how consistency remains her priority in music

Kenyan-American singer/songwriter Victoria Kimani says being consistent is her main priority in the music Industry so to achieve basically the highest attainment, with the aim of growth and sustainability of her career and as well build a lasting growth with her fans.

According to her, that has been and even become more currently because of the progress she seeks to make as an avenue of good repute among other things and as well, stay different from her peers in the Industry.


Speaking exclusively to Abeiku Santana on Okay FM’s Drive Time Show’, Kimani said the only thing she thinks of daily with respect to her career growth is staying consistent in the game.

She said, “I don’t love parties, I’m that cool girl. I love music, love to write music, I like bring creative generally but outside of that, I have a life, I think sometimes people get so personal and more attached to their career and forget to have a life, have real-life and do real things. I love spending time with real people. When it comes to accolades, am not much into it because these days, they ditch it out easily so I don’t really subscribe to accolades, to be honest. Hard work, consistency, and not stopping have sustained me to this level. I just keep on going.”

Victoria Kimani talks about how consistency remains her priority in music
Victoria Kimani || Shot by Rob Photography


Reacting to a question about beef making – what many terms as one of the current sources of securing fame in the music industry, the R&B/Afropop singer said, “I do not subscribe to that.”

To her, it does not build a musician for the long term but does only for the short term which sounds abysmal to her for any musician to think of placing all focus on such.

“The truth is that I don’t subscribe to controversies, it doesn’t last and build a long-lasting period for a musician. I think Ghanaians should focus more on the good aspect of promotion they do for their respective musicians. I know the idea that the whole controversy thing works, but if the focus remains on what is happening in Ghana and the Industry – you guys sky is the limit. The saying that no publicity is bad, I actually don’t believe that because people have legacies – at the end of the day, you want to be known for something. I hear people do drama around and things but for me, it’s not cool for me”

Women Empowerment

On empowering women, Victoria Kimani said she believes the media can do more in the scope of pushing for the songs released by women just as it’s done for men.

To her, the women empowering in Ghana is less as compared to the men because all attention has been highlighted on just men.

“Already African female artists work twice harder like what the men do. The men can cough on a track and the whole media will be by his side, but the females can do the most amazing music and crazy visuals but won’t get the same level of push. I will not say the African female artiste is not working harder, it’s basically left with the push from the media. We need the same level of support and push”

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