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DJ Yoga features Dutch rapper “Pim Pomsy” on Obroni – Listen

Ghana’s Hippie Disc Jock DJ Yoga on his quest to experiment with new sounds has Collaborated with Netherland’s based performer “Pim Pomsy” on his latest African Trap Music titled Obroni.


The song tells the story of slavery from a white man’s perspective, goes on to encourage the need to erase all forms of modern-day slavery and racial discrimination from our society as well as encourages love and unity.

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DJ Yoga features Dutch rapper Pim Pomsy on Obroni - Listen
DJ Yoga – Obroni featuring Pim Popmsy

The song is produced by DJ Yoga and the lyrics is written and composed by Pim Pomsy in both English and Dutch. The song has a unique vibe and delivery.

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