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Ghanaian comedy ‘The Corner’ is Now Streaming On Showmax

Fans of authentic local comedy, laced with real-life issues, are in for a treat in The Corner, the 12-part Ghanaian dramedy series that is now streaming on Showmax.

The Corner follows a group of young men who meet at “the corner” – a credit vendor’s place, to reflect about their lives, dreams, girls and everything going on around them.

Here you’ll meet a diverse cast of characters that make up neighbourhood like Patu (Solomon Fixon-Owoo), the area gossip who’s quick to spread his rumours or truths; Romanus (Foster Romanus), the dreamer who wants to become a musician; The Lord (Daniel Delong), the credit vendor won’t stop reciting the scripture and trying to live by it; Bed Braker (Jerry Amenyo), the resident womaniser; and Aweegnaa (Isaac Abrefa), the man who has a taste for girls younger than him.

And even though this crew of interesting characters engage in a lot of shenanigans, The Corner is more than just comedy as it offers a social commentary and highlights serious issues experienced by the youth in Ghana, from religious express to unemployment to safe sex to teenage pregnancy, there is no topic that is off limits.

For instance, in the first episode, Auntie Deidei (Stella Anarkwah), a no-nonsense woman who is feared in the neighbourhood, finds out that her 17-year-old daughter, Atswee (Juliana Kinang-Wassana), is pregnant. She suspects the corner boys, only for it to be revealed, after a pregnancy test, that her daughter was actually sick from typhoid.

The Corner is written, directed and produced by award-winning Ghanaian actor and filmmaker Eddie Nartey who’s previous films include Shattered Romance, a collaboration with Juliet Ibrahim (Every Woman Has a Story); Could This Be Love, Royal Diadem, In April and more.

The Corner joins local series My Chef and I, Table of Men and Every Woman Has A Story on Showmax. To end the month, also catch some of the best international series available on Showmax in February such as Raised by Wolves, The Stand and Chicago Med S1-5.

Watch The Corner on Showmax: https://www.showmax.com/eng/tvseries/179a7e07-the-corner

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