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Courtnaé Paul features Rowlene & Manu WorldStar on ‘No Other Way’

South African DJ and choreographer Courtnaé Paul has released a No Other Way featuring Rowlene and Manu WorldStar.

The song tells the story of finding the one.

“This is the first song I started working on over three years ago. It’s very special to me and should’ve been my first release but the timing wasn’t right. I needed everything to feel right and flow like water. I first heard the beat in a session with Tweezy and immediately jumped up out of my seat. It was actually taken at the time, but when you’re favoured, you’re favoured haha,” reveals Paul.

Stream or download Courtnaé Paul’s No Other Way featuring Rowlene and Manu WorldStar here

With Manu WorldStar running with the inspiration, Courtnae’s direction, and Rowlene’s enticing vocals, No Other Way creates a strong feeling for those who enjoy the finer things in life – not specifically material things, but those who love life and live in the moment.

No Way Out is an introduction of my sounds to come. It just feels right. Sonically it’s exactly where I wanted it and the world needs some happiness right now, and music is exactly that,” adds Paul.

Courtnaé Paul

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