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WATCH: Teflon Flexx would love to be stuck in an elevator with Hajia4Real

Ghanaian artist, Teflon Flexx has one wish – to be stuck in an elevator with Ghanaian socialite, Hajia4Real.

During an appearance on Brooth Moment, he was quick to mention the name of the latter as someone he’d want to be trapped in the platform for raising and lowering people to different levels in a building.

And he‘d want the delay to be for hours.

The 2020 Ghana Music Awards Unsung category winner also spoke about being fashionable and spending a lot of money on clothing.

’’I love to spend money on clothing,’’ shared Flexx to Maritha Brooth.

‘’Clothing makes me feel good so I don’t think it’s something I would want to change. Maybe in time if my mindset changes about what makes me feel good but I think for now I love clothing.’’

The ‘Madina‘ act, as well, opened up about his childhood, his love life, and growing up as a shy, troublesome, and a stubborn child who was bullied.

Watch video below.

Flexx is known for songs such as ‘Madina,’ ‘Maamiyaa,’ featuring Medikal and ‘Eskebelebe’ featuring Dope Nation.

Teflon Flexx (right). Maritha Brooth (left)

By: Maritha Brooth/museafrica.com

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