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Ayisi sets the tone for 2021 with ‘Blessings’

Ghanaian artist, Ayisi has released a new song.

Titled ‘Blessings,’ the song follows the tradition of recent charismatic releases including ‘Prayer’ and ‘Mokobe.’

“There’s that mystique when he’s about to release a song and there should be. The quality that is attached to his name is his brand and he understands that more than anyone,” reads a statement.



“One can only wonder what he must be going through for the ‘Grind’ hitmaker to be taking a matured spiritual outlook on life as such. Suffice to add also that of course his character is very prominent in his songs to the point that even though they are gospel-like songs (so to speak), you can hear his bad-mouth also in there and it doesn’t take anything away from the songs at all.”

‘Blessings’ was produced by Groovydhistune, mixed by E.L and mastered by Pee GH.

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