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Lifestyle brand ‘Pure Persona by Nana’ unveils New Packaging

Beauty, wellness and lifestyle brand, Pure Persona by Nana has unveiled its new packaging and retail outlet locations.

The newly packaged Discovery Kit which is power-packed with a Cleansing Shampoo, a Caring Conditioner and an Everyday Nourisher can now be purchased at Juben House of Beauty and 3 main branches of Ernest Chemists namely Labone, Airport, and East Legon Lagos Avenue.

“I am so proud of us and what we have been able to do in less than a year since we launched. I am also pleased to be retailing in one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the country and also at Juben House of Beauty being a one-stop shop for all things hair and beauty,” remarked Nana Konamah, founder of the brand.

Salomey Gyamfi, Brand Manager for Pure Persona by Nana added: “As a brand, we envisage being the most sought-after beauty brand and we are earnestly working towards delivering on our purpose of bringing our product closer to our customers and be accessible in as many locations and new shops as we can in the coming months and years.”

Pure Persona by Nana was launched in June 2020 in the midst of the global pandemic and has been making strides into becoming a brand that not only cares for the hair but a wholistic lifestyle.

“It is one that facilitates the process of seeking one’s inner strength and beauty by providing products and a culture that emotionally connects everyone together as a community,” per a company statement.

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