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#ShootUrShot: Ladies, here’s how to ask a guy out

For the month of February, Muse Africa is encouraging everyone to shoot their shot.

The girl at your workplace that you like but afraid to approach? The cute guy in your neighbourhood that you feel would reject you? The month of love is the perfect time to take that shot.

Below are five tips for ladies who want to ask a guy out.

1) Plan An Adventure

Want to ask out a guy who loves spending time outdoors? You can arrange for an exciting road trip, and include his favourite activities, like camping and trekking. Ask him the question when you both are alone, so even if you take the trip with friends, you can share this special moment with each other.

2) Surprise Movie Night

If you are going to ask out a guy who is a big movie buff, then why not do it at his favourite place! However, if he is someone who doesn’t like PDA (public display of affection), then you can substitute the theatre with a movie date indoors.

3) A Fun Day Out

If you want to make him feel special, then you can plan a fun day for him.

Include activities like laser tag, paintball, mystery rooms, trampoline parks or maybe just go to an adventure park. The point is to bring back his childlike smile. After which you can pop the question and tell him that you would like to have fun and laugh with him every day.

4) An Intimate Message

If you have a way with words then you can leave secret notes for him. From a little one near his phone to one in his bag and wallet, he can find these cute notes throughout the day. End the day by meeting him with the final piece of the puzzle, a note asking him out!

5) Make It About Him

If you’re wondering about how to propose to a guy, then there is no better way of doing it than making it all about him. It could be something as simple as hiring his favourite luxury car for a day so he can drive it around the city. Or you get tickets to a concert where his favourite band is performing! The possibilities are endless, the trick is to see an opportunity (the right moment) and grab it.

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