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A lot of Media sales executives sell without data – Media Sales expert

Media sales expert Mawuli Ocloo – Chief Sales Partner at Salesmark Services Ltd, is surprised a lot of media sales executives sell without the use of Data.

Speaking at the 2020 Africa Media Ad Sales Summit, Mr. Ocloo speaking on the topic, WINNING WITH THE MEDIA DATA MISSION; Enhancing sales effectiveness in media: A data-driven approach, revealed how data was king when it came to sales.


“…in whatever you do, as a Media sales person, as a media sales organization Data is King,” he stressed

He opined how important it is to drive sales with data because according to McKinsey and company, Data-driven sales increased profitability by 5 to 6%.

A lot of Media sales executives sell without data – Media Sales expert
Mawuli Ocloo is a Media Sales expert

“As people in the media who sale It is important to drive our sales with data.”

He stated “Sales organizations can no longer depend on intuition” and “every institution depends on data, those who don’t depend on Data are left behind.”

He pointed out that using data in media sales not only made executives and companies effective but also efficient.

Thus he was amazed about the fact that Media sales workers sold without data.

“It is amazing how a lot of sales people in media houses are not selling with data”

You can watch Mr. Ocloo’s presentation on the AfriMass’s Facebook page.


AFRICA MEDIA ADVERTISING SALES SUMMIT -AFRIMASS is designed to bring the Advertisers (Brands), Media Enterprise Owners, Content Creators, Event originators, Media Business Executives, Ad Agencies, and Media Sales Practitioners to one room to share ideas on Media Revenue generation geared towards win-win for all in the Media Marketplace.

Written by Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafoh / MuseAfrica

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