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Interview: Budding singer G-West talks about his sound, style, and being the ‘Young Amakye Dede’

Usually, I discover new artists through their sound but when it comes to G-West, the sound was the last thing I heard but I felt he was a star.

I first noticed G-West kind courtesy his artwork for his album ‘Young Amakye Dede’ on twitter.

The image used was so iconic, I just had to compliment his style and gave him a quick follow, which also earned me a follow back.

I can’t tell if it was the red BMW or the fact he slayed whiles on the BMW but it did prove a point; the most minute of details can earn you a fan.

Artwork for Young Amakye Dede

Prior to that, I hadn’t heard of him – neither seen his image nor heard his song but after discovering him I kept tabs on him.

He finally dropped his project Young Amakye Dede and I have to admit, it took me a while to stream the album but it was worth every minute spent streaming.

Born in the second biggest city in Ghana ‘Kumasi’, G-West draws inspiration from highlife legend Amakye Dede, who he says has impacted his style, sound, and art as a whole.


Although, G-West can’t be boxed as a highlife artist, the similarities in fashion sense with Amakye Dede is very noticeable.

The singer is a very fashionable artist and his Instagram account can be used as a portfolio to grab fashion contracts.

I caught up with G-West on Twitter, and we had a conversation about his album ‘Young Amakye Dede’, his sound and fashion sense.

Credit: Instagram/Gwestsuperstar

Muse Africa: Who is G-west?

G-West: G-West is a Ghanaian singer/songwriter and Afro beats recording artiste, born in “The Garden City” Kumasi, Ghana

How did music start for you?

It all started back in high school when a friend of mine persuaded me to go to the studio with him…I was reluctant initially but eventually when I did go I fell in love with the process and the art as a whole.

You persona is attracted to the Legend Amakye Dede, how has he shaped your career?

Amakye Dede has impacted my style, sound and art as a whole. I remember as a kid watching his videos and thinking, this man is so different. Even though he did highlife like the rest he was definitely different and that is why I always dare to be different.

How will describe your fashion sense?

Pretty Dope (laughs)

On a normal day what determines what you wear?

Depends on how I’m feeling, could decide to appear pretty simple and sometimes I got to go in a little bit (laughs)

With one word, describe your fashion


Kumasi is known as a very cultural place and many people tag the city with you, do you think its cultural richness and sense of style plays a role in your fashion?

Yes, absolutely.

Going through your IG, it’s obvious you are well travelled, dis those experiences also play a part with your fashion direction?

Yes it does, I think traveling and seeing other cultures around the world influences your sense on style in some way.

How will you describe your sound?


What initially pushed me to know you wasn’t the music but the fact that your cover art for your album Young Amakye Dede (YAD) was dope, what was the concept?

Concept was pretty simple, we wanted something different, something that would be a statement, and something that would catch your eye after seeing it. So we got an old red car and I decided to just lie on top of the hood and have the photographer shoot from above. As soon as we took that shot we knew that was it.

My favorite car brand is BMW so yeah that helped, was the car picked simply based on the color or the brand also played a part?

It was based on the color actually, my manager spotted it at a mechanic shop. He told me about it and I thought it would be perfect for what we wanted to do.

Tell us about you album – Young Amakye Dede?

It’s About Heartbreak, love, lust, happiness, Sadness really almost any emotion u can think of.

Stream: https://fanlink.to/YoungAmakyeDede

How is the album currently doing?

It’s doing good, the people show this project is overwhelming to be honest.

Which song on the album describes the mood you are currently in?

Track 11 – IDK

Which song did you complete first and which one was last?

Track 2. Walahi

One thing I like about the album is the different sounds in there, from afro beats, dance, hip-hop, and highlife – It’s a mixed bag of dope records, was it difficult selecting the final songs on the album?

Yeah, it was actually. The project was originally supposed to have like 6 songs, and then we added 2 more and then finally 4 more to make it 12. I just felt I had too much stashed and I needed to let my people hear me.

What is your connection with Apya, he worked on Majority of the projects?

Apya is basically my brother. I think he understands my sound best, he directs me best and overall just a genuine guy and a great friend.

You featured Bisa Kdei and Toyboi, on YAD, how did you decide the features?

Pretty easy I thought the songs I put them on were perfect for them. I knew I had to get them on those records no matter what.

Your song Bonto featured in the top 100 most played songs on radio organized by Muse Africa and Ghud Music, how did that make you feel?

Amazing, really wasn’t expecting that. That made me feel like I’m up to something big here.

What should fans lookout for in 2021?

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Interview was conducted by Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafoh – Music Services Manager, Muse Media Networks

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