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Black Coffee talks unreleased material with Burna Boy & Swizz Beatz

South African DJ and producer, Black Coffee has revealed he has unreleased material with Nigerian act, Burna Boy and American producer, Swizz Beatz.

He made the disclosure in a new interview with Cuppy on Africa Now Radio on Apple Music.

There’s a song that I almost put on the album, with Burna Boy and Swizz Beatz, that I’ve done. We recorded it in New York with Swizz Beatz. It just didn’t feel like…,” stated Coffee.

He also spoke about not being confined by genre, the collaborators who most inspire him and the importance of patience in his creative process. 

Read and listen to excerpts of the interview below.

Black Coffee on his unreleased material with Burna Boy and Swizz Beatz

Black Coffee: There’s a song that I almost put on the album, with Burna Boy and Swizz Beatz, that I’ve done. We recorded it in New York with Swizz Beatz. It just didn’t feel like…
Cuppy: Please tell me, I beg you, that maybe one day that song will come out? Maybe.
Black Coffee: Burna’s my brother. That’s why I’m saying, I’m a patient guy. Even we’ve spent time in London in studio together. We both know that we’re going to work together, and just the time has to be right, the energy has to be right.

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Black Coffee on how he thinks music can save lives

Music saves lives, you know? It saves lives. And I want to always go that far, create a song that could save someone’s life. It doesn’t have to be literal, but it must have an impact on that level.

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Black Coffee on what he looks for in a collaborator

Some people make gimmicks and they work, but you can’t sustain that. It can work once and you can’t really sustain it. And so, I always believe when everyone is just pure and they come in on the table and bring their best, something magical is going to happen.

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Black Coffee’s advice to anyone aspiring to do anything

It’s so important when you have found your calling or your gift to work on it. You could be a boy in the smallest town and no one knows your name, but you’re like, “This is what I want to do.” The most important thing, you put time, put all your energy in that gift, no matter what it is. You could be having a dream of designing an iPhone for Apple one day, and you are nine years old. Just start, just keep doing it. It happened like that for me as a DJ where I wasn’t having gigs, but I knew that one day I will get an opportunity, and I wanted to be ready when that opportunity comes.

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Black Coffee’s musical upbringing

I’ve been exposed to different types of music all my life. I grew up listening to Donny Hathaway, Curtis Mayfield, anything soulful, you know? Before R&B became R&B.

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