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Yaw Berma releases visual for old classic ‘Nipa’ – Watch

Released back in 2018, visuals for ‘Nipa’ by Yaw Berma surfaced today, and fans can only enjoy than wonder why.


Directed by StudioXtra, the video is set in motion with a very convenient prelude that has a finger file through a car’s radio for stations.

It stops on one with a local adage which translates; ‘’Never put in your heart that you’re going to please everyone.

Then it makes you a liar, you are not truthful to yourself. Put it in your mind’’.

Yaw Berma is seen next walking into a studio, ready to devour the Possigee production.

Yaw Berma releases visual for old classic ‘Nipa’ - Watch
Nipa by Yaw Berma was originally released in 2018

Over 4 minutes in length, the video’s minimalist approach makes it easy to focus on the song’s weighty lyrics which is a plus.

StudioXtra’s use of grey-scale, coupled with varying angles also makes the experience an epic one.

Watch Yaw Berma’s video for ‘Nipa’ here.

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