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TuneCore Executive on why African artists should join the service

An executive of TuneCore, the independent digital music distribution, publishing, and licensing service has disclosed the advantages of African artistes joining the music company.

Speaking in a new interview, Jade Leaf, the Head of Southern and East Africa revealed that artists “make more money” working with the music company compared to other music distributors.

Founded in 2005, TuneCore also offers music publishing administration services, helping songwriters register their compositions and collect royalties internationally.

Jade Leaf, the new Head of Southern and East Africa

“Artists who use TuneCore make more money. Unlike DistroKid and CD Baby, TuneCore works directly with digital stores and streaming platforms. We never use a middleman and pay 100% of 100% of all revenue from the stores directly to artists. TuneCore does not take a percentage unlike other distributors, many of which claim to pay artists 100% of their revenue, but in fact are distributed by or affiliated with third parties who take a percentage off the top. It costs $9.99 to release a single with TuneCore and you’re able to keep all of your rights to the music,” stated Leaf.

“TuneCore is also able to get your music into twice the number of stores than DistroKid and CD Baby, extending the reach of the artist’s music around the world. We have the best-in-class customer care team who have helped independent musicians for more than 15 years. Additionally, we offer Facebook, YouTube and Instagram monetisation of an artist’s music.”

“Online distribution is the first step in building a fan base where an artist is able to promote their single or project across various DSPs. Being an independent artist takes a lot of work, but the Internet has given rise to powerful tools like social media and online distribution,” remarked Leaf on what important advice she’d give emerging artists in Africa.

“You’re able to have full creative control in terms of marketing and messaging and you’re able to reap the rewards of that once you gain a steady fan base. I would encourage artists to create often, put their music out via online distribution and promote it because there are few things as exciting as discovering new music. The possibilities are endless,”

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