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WATCH: E.L discloses why he doesn’t listen to his old songs on CYDM Podcast

Ghanaian artist, E.L has disclosed why he doesn’t listen to his old songs.

Speaking on the Check Your DM Podcast, he remarked that he has a personal attachment to music.

“I don’t listen to my old stuff anymore coz it takes me to a place where I don’t wanna be,” disclosed E.L to hosts, Helen and Anthony.

Listen to Check Your DM podcast on Aftown here> https://aftownmusic.com/track/geEBw3R39Oa1vlR

The ‘Koko’ hitmaker also spoke about his friendships saying: ‘’Most of my relationships are music centered. Most of the people who I roll with, who I know, who I chill with, hang with, my small circle, is mainly fueled by our love for music.’’

Check Your DM Podcast dissects real stories of how young African celebrities navigate the complexities of life, career, dating, Sex and Internet culture in the current social age.

It is produced by The Post Listening Network.

Listen to Check Your DM on your podcast of choice here> https://www.buzzsprout.com/1343371/7261891

Watch interview below.

By: Maritha Brooth/MuseAfrica.com

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