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Ghanaian singer KD Bakes set to feature Yaa Pono on a new single

With gassed-up energy, focused mindset, flavored melodies, talent powerhouse with practical and well-composed lyrics, 2HypeGang Worldwide’s signee KD Bakes is laced up to release a massive collaboration with one of the big leaguers in the Ghana rap game – Yaa Pono.

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The song is titled ‘Pami’, produced by JaywatzMade and scheduled to be released on all digital outlets on 20th February. It’s a song that speaks about happenings in recent times with correspondence to the lifestyle young people are putting up with regards to what they deem luxury. Forgetting the main purpose for which they actually left home to hustle.

When melodies meet rap, good music with substance is the end product. But what makes this very song unique is the truth it speaks balanced with a bit of comic relief. But as you already know, when Yaa Pono grabs the mic, you can only expect the unexpected.


The bars he laid can take one around the world in secs. However, the word Pami ole is a neologism that means “it goes on and on”.

Ghanaian singer KD Bakes set to feature Yaa Pono on a new single
KD Bakes set to release single featuring Yaa Pono

Last year was just a warm up, brand activation period and to properly mobilize his fan base and feed them with what it’s described as nutritional music with healing benefits.

The nostalgia from his love song ‘Asunder’ gives goosebumps if you’re truly in love and also pays critical attention to the lyrics of the song. It was released last year but, when you’re listing the top 5 love songs in Ghana now, you’ll find it in there.

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