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Teflon Flexx gives us anthem for Stingy Men Association – ‘Wicked Mood’

Multiple-Award winning Ghanaian singer Teflon Flexx jumpstarts 2021 with a new single titled Wicked Mood featuring rappers AMG Armani and Ypee.

With ‘Stingy Men Association’ trending on social media, it is only right, their self-acclaimed ambassador will release an anthem for them.

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says "MEN ASSOCIATIONG அசவ் மக SMAN DONT DONVTGNE SHI GIVE SHI STINGY MEN ASSOCIATION ON Motto: Let me see what can do SS IDENTITY CARD NAME: Teflon Flexx POSITION:Ambassador BRANCH: Madina SMA-807241994 ID NO:"
Source: Facebook

The song ‘Wicked Mood Activated’ takes inspiration from the viral ‘Wicked mood’ challenge inspired by former Black Star captain Stephen Appiah.


Teflon Flexx gives us anthem for Stingy Men Association – ‘Wicked Mood’

2020 was a bitter-sweet year for Teflon Flexx, as COVID-19 stalled his progress after getting a monster hit with Madina. However, after winning the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards Unsung and the Muse Bangers of the Quarter accolades, he bounced back with Maamiyaa featuring Medikal.

With all the ‘enjoyment’ that went on in December 2020 in Ghana, it’s no surprise Teflon Flexx alongside Armani and Ypee will activate their ‘Wicked Mood’.

Although the song comes with a jovial mood, it tackles the issue of spending all your money during festivities and going through a ‘long’ January with a strict budget.

As with a Teflon Flexx song, Wicked Mood Activated is also a dance banger, with producer BabaWvd creating magic on the record.

2021 is a year, Teflon is very optimistic about, as he plans to release series of singles and an EP to feed his fans.

It is thus perfect that he starts on a more focused note with his ‘Wicked Mood Activated’.

Listen to ”Wicked Mood” Activated by Teflon Flexx featuring AMG Armani and Ypee.

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