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Simi talks having “talented” Adekunle Gold in her corner & RESTLESS II

Nigerian artist, Simi has shared what it means to her to have her ‘talented’ husband, Adekunle Gold in her corner.

In a new interview with Antoinette Isama for Audiomack, she spoke about how her collaborative relationship with Gold has evolved with regards to their individual artistic growth.

Simi. Photo by Lex Ash

“Both of us are blessed in that because we are in the same industry, we do the same kind of work. It’s easy for us to bounce ideas off of each other, not necessarily when we’re collaborating, but also with our solo endeavors. We vibe off each other’s energies, and that’s always worked for us,” stated Simi.

“It’s good to have someone that talented in your corner because it has helped me, and I’m glad I have someone who is not just my partner but also gets my work brain. It’s more than a plus—it’s like a plus plus.”

Link to full interview> https://audiomack.com/world/post/simi-interview

Simi also spoke about the reaction to RESTLESS II, the R&B project she released in October 2020. She revealed that she was hesitant about putting out a project that was strictly R&B.

“Really amazing. I wasn’t even sure how people were going to react because, like I said, no one has heard me do R&B that deeply. People acknowledge that it’s different but tell me that it’s fire, so I’m glad I took the chance. We’re still pushing the project—the next single will be my favorite song on the EP, “THERE FOR YOU.”

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