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Rev. Victor Chimere out with new music titled ‘He’s Done It’

Inspiration comes in many forms but one can argue that the best form of inspiration is divine. As far as divine inspiration goes, the new song by Rev. Victor Chimere titled ‘He’s Done It’ is one that will fill up and swell your spirit.

Rev. Victor Chimere out with new music titled ‘He’s Done It’

The gospel record features uplifting lyrics praising the almighty God for delivering on his promises as he always does.


The song which is sang in both English and Victor’s native tongue is an emotional exaltation on a very melodious beat and one the captures and captivates audiences and fills them up with gratitude for the lord.

‘He’s Done It’ gives the vibe of praises hour at church service where congregants wave their handkerchiefs and dance elatedly in the exaltation of their maker for the great things he has done and continues to do.

Listen to this absolutely spiritually captivating record here: https://distroplug.ffm.to/hes-done-it

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