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#MuseBOTY20: Yaw Tog on finding his “own way” after Kwesi Arthur inspired his rap career

Ghanaian artist, Yaw Tog has disclosed that he decided to switch his style from being another version of Kwesi Arthur after determining that it was better to be himself.

Tog has credited the latter, a 2020 MTV Africa Music Awards nominee as his inspiration for his rap career.

Read more about Arthur’s MAMAs nomination here> https://museafrica.com/2020/12/13/kwesi-arthur-tiwa-savage-nasty-c-burna-boy-master-k-g-others-snag-2021-mtv-africa-music-awards-nominations/

The ‘SORE’ hitmaker shared that he had to find his “own way” during an interview with Antoine Mensah on the Muse Bangers of the Year 2020 show – the multi-platform music project instituted to shine more light on the songs which dominated the Ghanaian radio landscape in the year 2020.

It also looked to reiterate the power and relevance of radio platforms in shaping the taste of consumers and amplifying the works of music talents.

“My inspiration to start rapping came from watching Kwesi Arthur freestyling but I later decided to be myself and find my own way,” remarked Tog.

Watch Yaw Tog and Stormzy perform a remix of ‘SORE’ > https://museafrica.com/2021/01/01/watch-stormzy-joins-yaw-tog-on-remix-of-sore/

‘SORE’ featuring O’ Kenneth, City Boy, Reggie & Jay Bahd charted at number 92 on Muse Bangers of the Year 2020.

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