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#MuseBOTY20: Ameyaw Debrah urges music fans to support Camidoh & Kelvyn Boy

Ghanaian blogger, Ameyaw Debrah is urging Ghanaian music fans to support the exploits of Camidoh and Kelvyn boy.

In an interview with Antoine Mensah on Muse Africa’s Bangers of the Year 2020 show, he argued unconditional and consistent support is one of the ways the acts can reach a bigger audience than they currently do.

The two acts are regarded to be two of the nation’s biggest breakthrough artistes in 2020.

“Going forward, I’d like to see a lot more of Camidoh and the likes of Kelvyn boy. I think to be honest if you look at what is coming out of, let’s say, Nigeria that we are all sort of vibing to, these people have that sort of potential to go that way. And the more noise we make about them, and the rest of the world listens, the likelihood of them going along with the Nigerians to be there,” explained Debrah.

“As much as there are great artistes, we sometimes look at what the trends are. And I think Afrobeats is a thing now, and I don’t want everybody to be doing Afrobeats but for those who are doing it in way that can resonate with a bigger market, I think they need some form of support or push. Sometimes we criticize them that they sound too Nigerian and all that. Yet again, we are the same people who would tune into from what is coming from there so I’d like to see a lot of support from everybody, not the media per see but fans out there, the people on social media. Sometimes we shoot ourselves in the foot by being unnecessarily critical.”

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