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Original and remix of song by Medikal charts on Bangers of the Year 2020

La Hustle!

Rapper Medikal’s hustle has translated into a new feat for him.

His songs ‘La Hustle’ featuring Joey B, and its remix featuring Joey B and Criss Waddle have both charted on Muse Africa’s Bangers of the Year 2020.

The former at number 93, and the latter at number 100.

The ranking is based on airplay data provided by our partner, GHUD MUSIC, Ghana’s leading audio monitoring and analysis service provider that tracks music and other audio products across 80 market leading radio stations all year round providing valuable data and analytics to brands and talents.

100. ‘La Hustle Remix’ – Medikal ft. Joey B & Cris Waddle

93. ‘La Hustle’ – Medikal ft. Joey B

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