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Antoine Mensah to anchor Muse Africa’s ‘Bangers of the Year 2020’ initiative

Experienced radio and Television personality, Antoine Mensah has been announced as the host of ‘Bangers of the Year 2020′ – Muse Africa’s multi-platform music initiative.

The project will curate the 100 songs that dominated the Ghanaian radio airwaves as captured by audio data management firm GHUD Music from over 80 stations across the country.

For over a decade, Antoine has been at the forefront of some of the most innovative radio programming through the erstwhile Live 91.9FM and Aftown, the Ghanaian music streaming leader.

This initiative proves again the power and relevance of radio platforms in shaping the taste of consumers and amplifying the works of music talents and Muse Africa once again has shown their understanding and respect of the entire music culture realm,” says Mensah.

The content includes a curated 2-hour radio show that will be broadcast exclusively on key partner radio stations in Accra on Asaase Radio 99.5FM, Kumasi on Pure FM 95.7FM in and Takoradi on Empire FM 102.7fm over five (5) consecutive days between December 26 and 30, 2020, and a TV special on December 30, 2020.

Antoine Mensah, host of Muse Africa’s Bangers of the Year 2020

Muse BANGERS OF THE YEAR (BOTY) 2020 focuses strictly on songs released between January 2020 and November 2020.

The data size covered over 8, 000 songs that have been tagged and tracked by GHUD Music across 80 radio stations.

The 100 songs and their associated analytics will be revealed across www.museafrica.com, and social channels of the platform, @MuseAfrica on Facebook, and @MuseAfricanew on Twitter and Instagram.

Bangers of the Year is an extension of Muse Bangers of the Quarter – an initiative to track songs released every quarter of the year and allows fans to have a say in which songs were popular or not.

The initiative is produced by Muse Media Networks, Millennial Culture powerhouse, and publishers of www.museafrica.com and Check Your DM podcast (https://www.buzzsprout.com/1343371.)

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