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Meet Playmaker$: the Hip-Hop group taking the game by storm

Playmaker$ is a Hip-Hop/Trap group based in Brussels, Belgium consisting of talented rappers, Kapri and Enitime.

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The partnership was born out of mutual admiration of one another spanning years. This inspired collaborations on some records which were received with critical acclaim.

Meet Playmaker$: the Hip-Hop group taking the game by storm

After the success of their initial collaborations, the pair heeded the call from fans and decided to form the rap group, Playmaker$. Kapri and Enitime’s ideological similarities give the duo a balance that will see Playmaker$ stay around for a very long time.

Kapri who is a 25-year-old Sierra Leonean rapper of Spanish descent has been strongly influenced by his city, his friends, and his family over the years.


His music and style mirror the experiences he grew up on.

Enitime, a rapper and an entrepreneur of Gambia and Malian descent shares a similar journey. Both artists believe music goes beyond creating great sonic pieces.

They believe that quality music has the power to make a strong impact on the culture and people around them and this guides their choice of lyrics, sound, and everything that has to do with their creative process.

The sonic elements of their music however are smooth as the calm seas. Their melodious rap style will have you bumping your head and singing along simultaneously.

Playmaker$ was founded in October 2020. Their music can be described as a marriage of melody, real-life experiences, and sonic mastery – a style that captures their journeys as artists and individuals expertly.

The group is currently working on a mixtape set to be released in 2021.

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