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Kapri is the new Hip-Hop powerhouse ready for the limelight

Artists come and go – Sometimes artists come in gold.

Such is the richness in talent of the global music scene.

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And no one exhibits this rich vein of pure golden talent than Kapri.

Kapri is the new Hip-Hop powerhouse ready for the limelight
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At just 25, Kapri, the Belgium-based Sierra Leonean rapper with Spanish descent has already seen enough in life to carve him into a wonderful artist.

As they say “an artist’s greatest arsenal is how well he can express his lived experiences” that is how originally art is crafted.


Kapri embodies this.

When he was 19, Kapri had already begun to show his promise; dropping music that shone with a unique style, panache, and delivery.

Being the perfectionist that he is, he believed he could take things up a notch so he took a break from music to work on perfecting his craft.

A move that would prove to be a very smart one.

Now, the kid who grew up on Hip-Hop, Rap, and RNB influences has become a man and he is ready for the limelight.

The world is ready for him and he promises that we are going to see so much more of him presently and in the future.

Kapri is one of half of the emerging rap duo called, Playmaker$ with his friend and fellow rap star, Enitime.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are excited about Kapri and we want you to watch out for this absolutely remarkable Hip-Hop artist.

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