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Rising Nigerian recording artist, Alpha P, today releases “Wolves and Mustangs”, a 4-track EP, treating the Alpha pack (his fans) to full tracks of popular freestyles posted on his Instagram page earlier in the year and during the lockdown period.

Serving as the follow up to his debut EP “King of the Wolves” which dropped late last year, “Wolves and Mustangs” is an absolute blast from start to finish. It captures Alpha as he works his magic with a collection of mellow trap vibes, ride out music and chilled playlist jams which reflects every side of his sound. With just a handful of singles and feature from Psycho YP, the EP see’s Alpha speaking on his truths, love, girls, mustangs and God.

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 “Wolves & Mustangs is a very special project to me. I’m glad that it’s out right now, and the whole world gets to see and listen to my vision.”

Stream the EP and keep an eye out for more from this promising artist.


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