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Toronto-based Shopé Blends Culture In ‘Rikiki’ Video

Nigerian-Canadian artist Shopé is out with a video for single ‘Rikiki’.

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Bridging the gap between his Nigerian heritage and Canadian point-of-view is at the crux of Shopé’s artistry.

When he dropped his RIKIKI E.P. in October, it was a sonic attempt to fuse the music of his homeland with the music he heard as a child and teenager in Toronto.

“Rikiki,” the titular song of the project represents that attempt more than any song on the project bouncing between Yoruba lingo and hip-hop cadences across its 2:34 minute run-time.

Toronto-based Shopé Blends Culture In 'Rikiki' Video
Shopé = Rikiki

Closing out the project, he delivered a message that accurately represented his reality as a multicultural man.


In the music video for the single, Shopé does more of that cultural blending, enlivening his music with a mixture of dance patterns inspired by Nigeria and Toronto, Canada.

The silky singer is more expressive in this pocket of sound, flipping the song’s title to form a punchline and reflecting that defiance in the video perfectly.

Joined by a number of dancers, his lyrics are interspersed by dancing and euphoria in equal measure.

And like is repeated on occasion throughout the song, Shopé will never compromise.

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