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Teenage rapper Kweku Jallel Calls For Peace in Ghana’s elections

Ghanaian teenage rapper Kweku Jallel has called for peace to prevail in the upcoming Presidential and Parliamentary elections in Ghana.

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Jallel, a student of Edinaman Senior High School, revealed he wants peace to prevail so as not to derail the education system in the country.

Teenage rapper Kweku Jallel Calls For Peace in Ghana’s elections
Kweku Jallel || Submitted

“All I’m asking is for peace to prevail at the end of the December 7 elections so we’ll be able to enjoy the rest of our school terms,” he said.

Born Abdul Kweku Jallel Sheisu in the Zongo community of Cape Coast, the rapper is gearing up to release his Extended Play dubbed “Sheisu is for the Youth”.

“I’m looking forward to releasing this EP to introduce my world to my people in December so to the adults voting please remember Kweku Jallel Shiesu is your son who needs the peace to thrive and grow up to be the greatest artist out of Africa.”


Kweku Jallel is popularly known for his R2bees Boys Kasa freestyle and his feature on Kofi Mole’s MoleMondays Cypher.

He has built a large following and influence on the youth in and around Cape Coast and together with his team, changing the sound of one of Ghana’s oldest cities.

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