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Think mobile-first if you are doing digital – Michael Acheampong

Companies have been advised to think about mobile users first when they think about doing activations.

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Speaking in a webinar organized by music platform Mdundo on the topic ‘The future of Audience Engagement in Ghana’, Michael Acheampong with Guinness Ghana LTD, stated, organizations doing digital activations should think about mobile users first since they are the majority of people on-line.

He also touched on how online activations have started getting prominence like traditional media in-terms of budget for content generation.

He revealed more companies are now putting in more budget into digital campaigns as it was easy to track impact based on reach and engagements they get.


“We need to understand digital platforms are now media channels thus the same level of budget (goes into it like traditional media). Content needs to be built for socials. The budget is now up for content building on social media. Lots of investment goes into content,” he said.

Watch the webinar: https://app.livestorm.co/mdundo/the-future-of-audience-engagement-ghana/live?s=835ffa3e-cfc3-4e20-8c19-7b50cdde5a41#/qa

African music platform Mdundo organized a webinar to look at the future of audience engagement in Ghana on social media.

The webinar was hosted by Martin Nielsen of Mdundo with guests being Alex Offei Lartey (AirtelTigo), Michael Acheampong (Diageo Ghana), and Jason Nartey (The Story Teller).

Think mobile-first if you are doing digital – Michael Acheampong
Jason Nartey (Top left), Alex Offei Lartey (left), Martin Nielson (Top right), and Micheal Acheampong (right).

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