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Samini open to debate Edem on political ideologies – Who wins?

It is election year in Ghana and Ghanaian creatives are definitely getting in on some action – reggae & dancehall singer Samini has gone head to head with rapper Edem on twitter.

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Samini is an open supporter of the ruling National Patriotic Party, releasing a campaign song titled Kpoyaka.

The back and forth started when Samini put out a quiz twitter.

He wrote;

You start as a civilian and become influential to become a politician and decide to go independent with little success and good potential. Without the main Giants you can never get any of your good policies and ideas across. None being free off stain and fault, what do you do? Quiz.

Edem came into mention names of some influential people who have effected change without being politically aligned.


He wrote;

There are civilians who have done more across the globe than politicians Dangote, Jack Ma, Bill Gates, Sam Jonah… List is tall

The interaction didn’t end there as Samini stated he was open for the debate, whiles revealing how some rich civilians helped Governments to lose and retain power depending on their benefits.

He wrote;

I’m open for a debate bro .Are you saying one must not have political ambitions and aspirations? Some rich civilians anonymously help governments to stay in power if it favors them positively. Is that corruption or just moves #politicians and #civilians make? Lol

The short debate, ended in a humorous manner as both of them enjoyed a good laugh.

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