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M.anifest believes Luxury is overpriced in Ghana – Fans react

Ghanaian rapper M.anifest believes some forms of luxury in Ghana are overpriced.

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In a post on twitter, M.anifest opined that small luxury gets overpriced at the smallest opportunity.

Luxury is overpriced in Ghana – M.anifest

He tweeted;

So much is overpriced in this here Ghana. Small luxury norr then the price tear chain.

This got his fans talking, with some agreeing with M.anifest whiles others blamed inflation.


IamHammond wrote; USA Flag of United States France Flag of France Germany inflation standing at 1% and sometimes below because they produce what they need! But this Maa Mli if you buy bread in the morning at 2gh by evening is 2.50gh! How can people save and invest? #changethescammers!

@winniadom wrote; Online boflot 3 for ghc40.

@frankdoetravels wrote; I just booked a hotel for a client going for one week vacation in Johannesburg. Can you believe it was just $250 for double occupancy for one week. Ghana here, one night in a two star hotel sef be like $90.

@Erfiyah1 wrote; Forget the luxury side some sellers are just greedy and evil. It rained at circle today n my heels got wet so I wanted to buy slippers. I know very sell that it’s sold for 12cedis this man tried to sell it to me for 30gh I just bought chalewote and continued my journey.

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