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7th Wave Records Issues a Disclaimer On artist Drupz’s EP Listening

Ghanaian label 7th Wave Records have issued a Disclaimer on their signed music artist Drupz’s EP Listening slated for 28th November, 2020.

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The Record Label and artist have not seen eye to eye for some months now, with the label putting the blame on the artist’s attitude towards work and the label.

In the press statement issued by the record label, the management mentioned that they have no idea about the supposed EP Listening and do not know the ones behind the whole project.


They therefore caution the general public to stay away from any invitations sent to them since it’s not from the 7th Wave Record label.

 7th Wave Records Issues a Disclaimer On artist Drupz’s EP Listening

The press statement read;

“With great disappointment we inform the general public and well-meaning fans and followers of Henry Bernard Moses known better as Drupz on his intended EP listening.

7th Wave Records has absolutely no idea what so ever concerning this acclaimed and intended EP listening even though Drupz is under our management.

This is a warning to any team and Drupz to be ready to face the intended law for helping put together an EP listening without passing through the right channels.

This is a disclaimer for any future reference or casualties pertaining to this event.

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