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”I have the biggest fans and streams in Ghana” – Wendy Shay

Ghanaian Afrobeats star and singer Wendy Shay has made a big claim as the artist with the most streams and followers in the Ghanaian music industry.

Wendy Shay via Instagram/

The ‘H.I.T’ singer speaking to Okay Africa revealed she has been one of the most hard working artist for the past two years and ever since she was introduced to Ghanaians by his label boss Bullet owner of Rufftown Records.

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She then revealed she has the most streams and the biggest fan base in Ghana more than any other artist, “Numbers don’t lie. If you check my streams I have the biggest streams if you check my fanbase I have the biggest fanbase here. And so they acknowledge the fact that I’m a very hard worker.” she told Okay Africa.

Wendy Shay has so far released four singles this year which include her chart-topping single with Shatta Wale ‘Haters In Tears’, but interestingly none of the songs released or perhaps the music videos on Youtube has surpassed a million views.

The highest viewed video from the ‘Uber Driver’ hitmaker in 2020 is ‘Haters In Tears’ which has amassed seven hundred thousand views so far.

Wendy Shay has already hinted she will release two albums this year with an international album which are songs which appeal to the Western market.


Story by: Derrick Annor Boadi

One thought on “”I have the biggest fans and streams in Ghana” – Wendy Shay

  1. The circumstances of her introduction into the music scene were undeniably controversial. Wendy Shay was introduced as one of two artists during the 2018 VGMA Awards ceremony by her manager and Ruff Town Records CEO Bullet, at a time where the nation was still mourning the tragic loss of the beloved singer Ebony Reigns. The move by her management was deemed by many as insensitive. The moment also distracted from the coronation of Ebony Reigns as the ‘2018 Artiste of the Year.’ This singular action, albeit unintended, has adversely affected the general public’s perception of her as an individual, as well as Ghanaian music fans’ reception of her as an artist.

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