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Gambo triggers release clauses with new single ‘Missed Call’

If you have been following the trends in Ghana’s social media space over the past two weeks, you must have surely seen Gambo there.

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He has been the talk of the nation after he triggered a lady’s ‘’release clause’’ with an initial deposit of GHS 500 and a subsequent payment of GHS 2,000 on her birthday which culminated in the lady in question ditching her boyfriend for the talented Ghanaian trap rapper and entrepreneur, Gambo.

Gambo triggers release clauses with new single ‘Missed Call’

Stream ‘Missed Call’ here: https://ffm.to/missed-call

Gambo, who is alleged to be the richest debutant in the music industry and possibly one of the richest artists overall in Ghana, is out with an absolutely jaw-dropping new single dubbed ‘Missed Call’ and we are certain this record will cause a stir in the industry.


‘Missed Call’ establishes Gambo’s position as Ghana’s premier bad boy with lyrics that paint different accounts of his relationships with women.

The self-acclaimed playboy goes from narrating his lavish dates with people’s girlfriends to stunting about his bank account.

He confidently asserts that his financial muscle could close any bank branch if he visits because he could be withdrawing everything they have in there.

The trap artist who is also a renowned entrepreneur gained prominence when he stormed the industry with his official hit singles titled ‘Kwacha’ and ‘Disrespectful Boy’.

With a follow-up as game-changing as ‘Missed Call’ he is certainly going to be on the lips of Ghanaians for a long time.

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