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Internet trolls gain me more followers – Kuami Eugene

Ghanaian singer Kuami Eugene has revealed internet trolls help him to gain more followers despite the negativity they bring.

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Speaking on Accra-based Happy FM with DJ Adviser, Kuami Eugene stated he wasn’t doing music to please his critics but rather those who support and think about him.

Internet trolls gain me more followers – Kuami Eugene
Kuami Eugene thanked Internet Trolls for gaining him more followers on Social Media

“I want to impress those who support and like what I do but still thank you to those who keep talking about me God bless you”, he said.

“I keep working hard regardless of how God has blessed me because I want my mother to enjoy”.


He was also of the opinion that critics just added to the ‘noise’ although he isn’t disturbed with negative comments since everyone had a right to their opinions thus people were free to share even if it’s negative.

“What they do not know is the negatives normally helps me to trend. Through the trends, I get more followers after which I can focus on the positive aspect to make everything good and better.”

Kuami Eugene is currently one of hottest artists in Ghana as he has played major roles in the three biggest songs in Ghana currently; Open Gate, Keche’s No Dulling, and Happy Day by Sarkodie.

He also has his sophomore album Son of Africa out.

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