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A former publicist of Joyce Blessing doesn’t want singer booked for shows – here is why

Things are still not rosy between Ghanaian gospel singer Joyce Blessing and her former publicist/road manager Jullie Jay.

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Both of them have been at each other’s necks since they split, after Joyce Blessing accused Jullie Jay of hacking her social media handles and being part of the reasons her marriage is on the rocks.

Jullie Jay also accused Joyce Blessing of having an affair with a gym instructor despite being married.

Joyce Blessing Cheated With Her Gym Instructor- According To Julie Jay -  ABTC
The two in happier times || Credit: Google

Despite claiming she has no problem with Joyce Blessing, Jullie believes the singer should be frozen from all Christian stages till she stops cursing others.


In an interview with ZionFelix on the ‘Uncut’ Show Jullie Jay accused the ‘I Swerve You’ singer as being psychologically not okay.

Thus she advised that until she was okay, the singer shouldn’t be booked to perform.

According to her, Gospel is more spiritual, so she cannot recommend someone who is cursing others.

She added that gospel concerts need people who are spiritually filled.

The only time she can attest that her former boss has recovered is after she has stopped cursing and insulting her and others.

Watch the full interview with Zion Felix

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