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Treat your music as a business – Female artists advised

Ghanaian singer Queen Haizel (real name Stella ‘Stelzy’ Mensah) has advised her fellow female artists to treat their music as a business otherwise they will be taken advantage of.

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Speaking in an interview on Accra-based Happy FM with DJ Adviser, Queen Haizel revealed artists should be ready to pay for services rather than always wanting freebies.

Treat your music as a business or be at a disadvantage – Female artists advised
Queen Haizel || Credit: Instagram

According to her, if female artists pay for their music promotions, no industry player will dare try to take advantage or even demand sex from them as a favor to get their music out there.


“If you are a female musician and you want free music promotions, men will take you for granted. If a woman seeks to get everything for free, they will be taken advantage of”, she stated.

She clarified that it is not bad to receive free promotions periodically but “make sure it doesn’t become a thing. It may be done for you for free once but next time, you need to volunteer something. It may be cash or gifts”.

Reiterating her stance, the musician advised females in the industry to treat music like they would any business.

“The women in the industry should work and pay. They should treat music as a business. If you don’t do that, you’ll be taken advantage of.

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