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Sarkodie shares how to get a quick verse from him

Ghanaian rap legend Sarkodie has shared how musicians can get a quick verse from him in a tweet.

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Sarkodie is one of Africa’s most revered artists and we know the struggle artists go through just to get a verse from him.

Sarkodie shares how to get a quick verse from him

Many have tried unsuccessfully but now it seems there is an easy way to get the most awarded African rapper.

An artist on twitter asked Sarkodie for a free verse and he educated the guy on how to quickly get him on a song.


He wrote (translated from twi);

‘If you pay you will get it (the verse) early, but if it’s free you want, look up to God and He show you divine favor.’

Sarkodie’s responds didn’t go down with a section of his followers who thought he shouldn’t have responded in that manner.

@KhrisMels98 wrote – Remember You were once like him Imagine no one Helped and even if you struggled to reach were you are now It doesn’t mean others should go through what you’ve been through I’m not liking this post You’re really cold hearted , At least you could’ve  ignored it rather than saying this

@LarbiSark wrote – I also want one of your old sneakers, that one too I for pay? Anaa mentw3n Nyame 3nim

Some also defended the rapper.

@_Lysis tweeted – every upcoming artiste want free verse from Sark..he do finish p3 then you come talk say he wan take ein shine..afe yi de3 y3nkor ne saa biom..wo tua aa na wagye anny3 saa tw3n Yehowa anim

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