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Teflon Flexx shares how he got Medikal on his new single ‘Maamiyaa’

Ghanaian singer Teflon Flexx is a man on the high after releasing his highly anticipated single Maamiyaa featuring Medikal.

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Produced by Atown-TSB Maamiyaa has received a lot of positive reviews as the song has been playing across the media space.

Teflon Flexx shares how he got Medikal on his new single ‘Maamiyaa’
Scene from the video for Maamiyaa. || Credit: Teflon Flexx/Instagram

Medikal is one of the finest rappers in Ghana and his bridge on Maamiyaa is currently a fan favorite, however, it wasn’t an easy task getting him on the record although it was easy in the end according to Teflon Flexx.

Teflon Flexx revealed he had been searching for the Medikal verse since 2018 and he finally got in 2020 after he took the initiative to personally approach the AMG rapper.

Watch official video for Maamiyaa

He recalled how he had to move to Medikal when he was shooting a music video and introduce himself.


“So Medikal asked me if any of my songs were in the system and I mentioned a few like Madina and He (Medikal) revealed he was actually listening to Madina whiles coming to the location and he even sang a line from the song – a whole Medikal singing my song,” Teflon Flexx shared.

“Due to the immediate ‘vibe’, it didn’t take Medikal up to a week to send that killer verse he did on Maamiyaa”.

Teflon was full of praise for Medikal as he attributed the rapper for the reason why the video for the song came out.

Story by Yaw Boadu-Ayeboafoh || Twitter: @NYB_LIVE

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