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Dear Kuami Eugene, You Deserve All the Accolades You Get. Highlife King takes Rap to Another level On Otaan Hunu Remix

Although he’s sold himself to Ghana and the rest of the world as the King of the Highlife genre, Kuami Eugene constantly proves to the world why that title and even more of that needs to be constantly bestowed on him.

Over the years, Kuami Eugene has through some hit songs like Angela, open Gate, Confusion, Wish me well, Obiaato, Walaahi, and his latest son of Africa Album has corroborated the fact that he deserves the title as the highlife king in these times.

Yet it seems the rockstar can not merely be boxed as just the highlife king, because on several occasions has he proven that he reigns in highlife because he chose to and can equally reign in other genres if he so wished.

Some time back, Kuami Eugene dropped Ghana We dey which featured two stalwarts in the African Reggae Dancehall frat and delivered equally as though he was a reggae dance hall artist. case in point:

Pulling his weight and proving his salt as an artist on the song, Kuami Eugene also thrived with the Gospel genre with his Wa ye Awei ft Obaapa Christy.

Acknowledging the fact that sometimes he can sing and rap on a song as he did with To be A Man ft Y Blaq and Come pass Remix with Aboot:

Kuami Eugene has done it again as a rapper on the remix of the Otaan hunu hit song.

Lets just take a minute and break down some of his punches

  1. Atanfo hoo PPP fans they want to see me Ndum: which is a beautiful play on words to talk about Presidential Candidate Paa Kwesi Ndum.

2. Nyame nti na Samuel Nkum: cleverly bigging up Ghanaian Footballer Samuel Nkum to make a point about people trying to kill him.

3. Nanaa abao Nana Aba magye me Range oh So Nana Aba Ah Na Moah Mokeke Mehons3m: He also addresses the Nana Aba Anamoah Range Rover saga which artistically playing on her name to spell her name Nana Aba Anamoah.

4. Itel boy, menp3 Airdrop: Finally sends shout out to Itel which he is an ambassador to.

Listening to the Rockstar on this record Kuami Eugene proved that he deserves all the attention and all the accolades he deserves. kudos and hope to see all the aspects of him.

Story Matilda Mensah Marfo

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