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Wendy Shay and Ama K Abebrese Go At Each Other on Twitter. Here is How it Started

Not long ago, Ghanaian Musician, Wendy Shay, announced the singular initiative to drag the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) and Gaming Commission of Ghana to court to seek redress on their decision to effect a ban on local celebrities.

This ban by these institutions restricts or better still prohibits Ghanaian celebrities from campaigning for alcoholic brands and sports betting companies.

Many like-minded celebrities have condemned the ban with the explanation that their source of revenue is being blocked and taken away from them by these authorities.

However, actress Ama K Abebrese has come out to say it is a misplaced priority for Ghanaian celebrities to be calling for the revocation of the ban on alcoholic and sports betting companies while others are calling for the end to police brutality.

This view by the actress has received a counter-reaction from Wendy Shay who says:

“#EndSARS is PoliceBrutality. FDA and Gaming commission’CareerBrutality’, yes! everyone has the right to protest these ppl are killing the showbiz industry but a GH celeb will support ENdSARS and condemn the FDA/Gaming commission protest. Such an Irony, hypocrites! Ghana wake up!”

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