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“I’m the reason why Eno got nominated for rapper of the year !”.- Medikal

Popular Ghanaian Rapper Medikal has in a recent post claimed the respect he should be accorded in the Ghanaian music space when it comes to his influence as a rapper.

Making an interesting post on his twitter handle Medikal took a screenshot of an article describing who celebrated Ghanaian female rapper, Eno Barony, is. To this, Medikal captioned

Ghana music industry should really respect rapper Medikal ! I’m the reason why Eno got nominated for rapper of the year ! First female ! Respect My name and hers, this is history. Eno for buy me house for Atlanta sef”.


Prior to this post, Medikal and Eno Barony seem to be teasing each other on social media alot calling each other names after their ugly beef some time back.

Yet people are wondering is Medikal’s claims of being the reason Eno Barony got nominated is unfounded and a tease or the truth.

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