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Ghanaian Musicians Who Were Dancers Before

We may know our musicians for their singing or rap prowess, but did you know not all started as musicians? Some actually started as dancers.
Below are some of Ghanaian musicians who were dancers before they got their break into mainstream music.

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Credit: Reggie Rockstone/Instagram

Reggie Rockstone

Reggie Rockstone, also known as ‘Hip Life Grandpapa’ started his creative career as dancer in his early days in U.K and Ghana before venturing into music. In 1983 emerged winner in the Black Caesar dance competition ahead of dance legend Adjetey Sowah and colleague musician Akosua Agyapong. Reggie Rockstone was highly influenced by western culture, his dance moves, type of music and fashion sense were all westernized.

Credit: Akosua Agyapong/Instagram

Akosua Agyapong

Akosua Agyapong also started as a dancer in the 1980s before she was discovered by Highlife legend Nana Kwame Ampadu in the 1990s as a good singer. In 1983 she was the only female amongst six finalists in the Black Caesar dance competition which Reggie Rockstone emerged winner. When everyone thought music and dance was for only men, she stepped in and brought the gender difference in Ghana Music. In 1992 she co-formed the Highlife group NAKOREX together with fellow Highlife artists Nat Brew and Rex Omar that released the timeless record ‘Kpanlogo’.

Credit: Slim Buster/Instagram

Slim Buster

Slim Buster was described as the Michael Jackson of Ghana’s music. He won the hearts of many Ghanaians with his music and dance. He started dancing at a young age. In 1986, Slim Buster won the National Dance Championship competition. He switched to taking singing as a full-time job after winning the competition. Though his dance moves and styles is faded now, he still loved by many because of some his classical hits like Masanaba, Marsherita, Etoile and many others.


Credit: Fancy Gadam/Instagram

Fancy Gadam

Born Mujahid Ahmed Bello, before becoming a nation music icon started as a dancer with a great passion for excellence. He teamed up with friends to form a dance B13 Dancers which became the face of dance in the Northern part of Ghana. The group in 2009 represented the Northern sector of Ghana in the Malta Guinness Street Dance Championship. Fancy Gadam and his group eventually placed third in the competition.

Mr. Drew

Mr. Drew, born Andrew Otoo, before starting a career in music, used to be a dancer. In 2016, he featured in prolific Hip-Life artiste Guru’s ‘Samba’ video as a dancer. Mr. Drew switched to music fulltime in 2017. In the same year he contested in the MTN Hitmaker were he placed as 1st runner up. He still displays his dancing skills in his music videos, examples are ‘Let Me Know’ and ‘Later’.

Story by: Eric Agyapong – Mensah

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