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Stonebwoy Calls For a Cease-Fire in the Volta Region

Multiple Ghanaian Award-Winning Reggae/Dancehall artiste, Stonebwoy has expressed his displeasure about the current happenings in his homeland, the Volta region.

Speaking in an interview with Paul Adom Othcere on his Good Evening Ghana Show, Stonebwoy posited that there are better ways to resolve conflicts instead of resulting in violence which only disrupts the peace and tranquility of every country.

“It’s an election year, first and foremost we need peace. All that is happening in the Volta Region I am not happy about because I am a 100% Voltarian who has his roots inside of Togo and beyond.

We can always address our grievances in a better manner than violence. Except it is highly necessary for us to defend ourselves.” He reiterated.

The “Putuu” hit maker called on his hometown folks to seize fire and find amicable ways of resolving their conflicts.  He added that, being a Voltarian, the image his people are painting to the world makes it seem as if they are not peaceful people.

“We don’t want to continue to have such bad names. It goes a very long way to affect generations even after us because once that mindset is keyed people would carry it along,” he added.

Stonebwoy advised Ghanaians to exercise their franchise in the upcoming election and make sure they only vote for the person who will transform Ghana.

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