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Best Songs To Help You Get Over A Breakup

Music plays a major role in overcoming and moving on after a break up. Surely now you are in a pretty hard time, but hey! If you could have been happy before meeting this person, you will be again. Letting go of someone you love is hard, but holding onto someone who doesn’t even feel the same is much harder.

You have to leave the pain behind and raise your head again, it is not easy we know, you are neither the first nor the last person who is going through this situation, what’s more, most singers have lived the same thing and have left a song for help others.

We want to help you move forward and get over your past your past after a breakup.

So, the following songs have strong messages and we are sure they will motivate you.

Kobi Rana – Thank You To My Ex

“Breakup no be breakdown”

Ariana Grande – Thank You, Next

“So, look what I got. Look what you taught me
and for that, I say Thank you, next (next)”

Rihanna – Take A Bow

“But now it’s time to go. Curtain’s finally closin’. That was quite a show
Very entertaining. But it’s over now. (But it’s over now)
Go on and take a bow, oh

Beyoncé – Irreplaceable

“I’m already cured of the pain
I’ve already taken you out of my heart”

Passenger – Let Her Go          

“Only know you love her when you let her go”

Maroon 5 – Memories            

“Toast to the ones here today
Toast to the ones that we lost on the way
‘Cause the drinks bring back all the memories”

Chris Brown – Say Goodbye

“There’s never a right time to say goodbye
But we know that we gotta go our separate ways
And I know it’s hard but I gotta do it and it’s killing me
‘Cause there’s never a right time, right time to say goodbye”

Justin Bieber – Love Yourself

“And baby, I’ll be movin’ on

And I think you should be somethin’ I don’t wanna hold back

Maybe you should know that”

Worlasi – Comot

“Leave my head I want move on”

Adina – Too Late

“I need you ….but I dey move on baby
I dey wish you all the best oo
I love you but It’s too late”

Story by: Eric Agyapong – Mensah

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