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Eazzy Refuses to Comment on Circulating Photo With Quamina MP

Astounding Ghanaian female musician, Eazzy, who over the years has been credited with hit songs like Wengeze, Twinkle, One Gal, Bo Wonsem Ma Me, has recently stirred up social media conversations with some new viral pictures.

While most people have drawn their conclusions and giving their opinions about these photos, Eazzy has released some more photos of herself and Quamina MP in very compromising positions that have refueled the conversation.

Some opinions on social media are that these two artists are in some form of an amorous relationship whereas others believe it is just hype for an upcoming project.

In a phone interview with Muse Africa about her relationship with the Wiase Y3d3 hitmaker, Eazzy commented that:

“I wouldn’t want to comment on that yet, I think that as to whether we are a couple or not or if it’s a project, Ghanaians will know soon, ill like to keep that private for now.”

She stressed that:

I can’t say anything on that yet, in due time Ghanaians will know. It’s all positive vibes so in due time”.

Hopefully after a week or two, it all comes to gather to clear the air.

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